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This site is dedicated to the Shetland Pony Performance Scheme and the primary aim to promote the use of the registered pedigree Shetland as a performance pony.


To this end there are a series of Annual Performance Awards in various different classes focussing on ponies and handlers ridden,  driven and in-hand. We urge you to register your performances with the scheme to help get our Shetlands recognised as performance ponies in whatever sphere they are introduced.

We also run the National Shetland Performance Show each year over three days at the Three Counties Showground in Malvern. This brings together handlers and ponies competing in many disciplines that together combine to make a truly spectactular festival of the Shetland Pony.


To promote the Pedigree Registered Shetland Ponies with good temperaments for use as performance ponies.

To ensure through training and information that Pedigree Registered Shetland Ponies are treated correctly and due care is given to their welfare throughout their lives particularly in their later years.

To promote and support the ponies at shows, displays and other events organised through the Shetland Pony Performance Awards Scheme, wherever they take place.

To help newcomers to the breed and the scheme, with practical help and information on the care of the pony, the use of suitable tack and nutrition to aid their well being, all of which will promote the comfort of the pony and the enjoyment of the owners and riders

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